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Five Kitchen Items to Bring to Crown Reef Resort

One of the strongest amenities in the newly remodeled Crown Reef Resort are beautiful in-room kitchens in efficiencies and suites. From granite countertops to full sized appliances, you’ll be surrounded with the comforts of home (maybe even nicer!) while you vacation. To maximize your stay, saving money and time, pack these items or pick them up a local grocery store once you arrive. We loved the Piggly Wiggly at the lovely Market Commons located only two miles away.

Paper Goods. For ecofriendly travelers, the kitchens feature everything you would need to both cook and serve a delicious meal. From flatware to pots and pans, from plates and coffee mugs, you’ll find everything that you need in your home away from home. There’s even cleaning items when you’re through cooking up a storm. However, if you like to take a break from cleaning during vacation, be sure to pack or purchase paper goods, including paper plates, paper towels, plasticware, and cups. Life will be a bit easier and allow you to relax.

Coffee. I love me some java. Luckily Crown Reef supplies everything you need to make a good cup of joe, including a great coffee maker. But if you’re partial to a particular brew, bring it along. A couple of mornings, I splurged and had a specialty coffee drink at the new Grab N Go Grill and Coffee Bar. What a yummy drink and a dazzling view!

Cereal and Fresh Fruit. Each day of our visit at Crown Reef, we began by putting our toes in the ocean. Once we returned to our room, we wanted a quick breakfast that would allow us to head back out to the shore and amazing waterslides. Packing cereal and fresh fruit allowed us to have a delicious and nutritious breakfast before we began our day and saved a few dollars too!

Midnight Snacks. There’s plenty of fridge, freezer, and cabinet space to keep your favorite snacks. You don’t even have to leave the comforts of your cozy room to have a bite to eat late at night. From ice cream to microwave popcorn, bring along your favorites to make the most of your kitchen!

Seafood. Myrtle Beach is well known for its numerous seafood calabash buffets. If you’ve budgeted extra dollars for meals out, that’s great (we suggest Mr. Fish and of course the Loco Gecko if you’d like to dine out). However, you have everything you need – from pots and pans to utensils – to prepare a yummy dinner right in your room. Pick up some seafood at a local market and get the best of local fare.

You’ll save both time and money if you bring these items along on your trip. With those extra dollars you can let the kids visit the Town Center Dining and Fun Zone to play games or have a treat. Plus you’ll be able to spend even more time in the phenomenal new waterpark or playing in the ocean’s waves! Make the most of your kitchen during your stay at Crown Reef.

Cherie Lowe, a.k.a. the Queen of Free, delights in sharing her family’s story of paying off over $127k in debt. Through speaking and the written word, more than anything, she longs for people to realize there is HOPE for their finances. Find her online at www.queenoffree.net and mark your calendar to pick up her new book Slaying the Debt Dragon, January 2nd 2015.

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