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Ripley’s Aquarium – Explore and Adore

Ripley's Aquarium is the most visited attraction in South Carolina.  Ripley's will leave you in awe and amaze you while it introduces learning about the ocean and the abundant life within it.  For a reasonable price, the entire family can appreciate getting up close and personal with sea creatures and explore the ocean without getting wet. Or if you’d prefer, Ripley's Aquarium allows the opportunity to wet your hands with the sting rays as well as, having a sleep over with the sharks, and view mermaids submerging into the land of the fish, sharks and sting rays.  Here at the aquarium you will also be able to wander and come upon a large assortment of sharks, jelly fish, octopuses, horse shoe crabs and more! 

The regions at the aquarium are separated into eight different parts in order to ensure each of the inhabitants’ comfort and preservation in their home out of the sea. 

In the Rio Amazon sector, the piranha thrives as one the deadliest fish that as an adult may become up to 44 pounds. 

Meanwhile, the Dangerous Reef is the most popular sector of the Ripley's Aquarium.  It is a 340-foot long glass barrier that separates the visitors from the underwater world.  It is home to big sharks, eels and sea turtles and thousands of fish. 

In another section of the aquarium, the Living Gallery will boggle your mind and make your jaw drop at the beauty and spectacular colors of our sea friends. Animals like giant octopuses, sea anemones, and living corals are some of the sea life that calls this section of the aquarium their home. 

Head over to the Ray Bay next, which is a spectacular sight that displays thriving, smiling stingrays as they glide through the water behind the glass.

For a hands-on experience, check out the Friendship Flats that allow for stingray petting as they swim across the water's surface and a nearby meeting and photo opportunity with the mermaids following their show. 

Additionally, the Discovery Center is also a hands-on experience where guests are allowed to pick up and hold horse shoe crabs.  

For what you will not find on the beach you will see here.  Come visit one of Myrtle Beach’s most popular attractions that will fill your family with wonder!

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