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Crown Reef Resort Wants You To Enjoy the Sun Safely

Family under umbrella at the beachThe heat and summer sun in South Carolina are remarkable and relentless.  Although some of the best ways to enjoy summer are outdoors at the beach, pools and water parks, it is important to keep in mind that the sun, while fun, can also be dangerous and harmful.  It is imperative that you use caution while outside and take heed to these tips of how to enjoy the shore, the pool and more while exercising caution for you and your family. 

  • Umbrellas at the beach are a must.  Chances are if your family makes a trip out in front of Crown Reef and settles into the sand, you all will be there for an extended amount of time.  With no trees for shade, an excellent way to indulge in ocean air is to bring an umbrella to not only keep your drinks cooler, but to keep the harmful ultraviolet rays away from corrupting your body and skin.

  • Where's your hat baby?  Babies love the beach and are tantalized by the new phenomenons of sand and ocean in their life.  Their skin is also new and more sensitive and prone to burning. Applying heavy sunblock and making sure their bare heads are covered are good ways to let them enjoy the beach or pool in a safe way. 

  • Water is NOT just for swimming and wading.  Perspiring is an automatic occurrence that your body conducts as soon as you step outside at any time during the day and even sometimes at night.  Be sure to bring plenty of water bottles to the beach in a cooler.  If you are at the pool, then water and other refreshments can be easily accessed at the Pool Bar and Grill.  Stay hydrated to stay happy and healthy.

  • Tanning oil is NOT an equivalent to sun block.  Be sure to check the label on your sun screen to ensure that the substance you are using blocks the ultraviolet rays.  Do not fret about not getting as deep of a tan with sunblock -- your pigments will still darken with sunblock, just without hurting your skin.

Take these precautions with you as you enjoy your outdoor excursions in this Crown Reef Resort paradise, and around the Myrtle Beach world which is most welcoming of visitors!

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