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Reasons to Book Your Vacation Today!

By Crown Reef

As snow falls outside, you’re probably wondering if the winter is ever going to end.  However, there is a cure to the winter-time blues and that’s to go ahead and start planning your summer vacation to Myrtle Beach! 

Booking your vacation early has its benefits and we’ve listed several below!

Better Accommodations and Room Selections

Like most resorts, we have some room types that are more prevalent than others.  If there’s a certain room type you’re interested in, booking early guarantees that you’ll stay in the room you want to stay in when you arrive.  That way, you’re not scrambling to book a tiny room for your huge family later on this spring. 

Better Rates

Booking early also allows you to access some amazing specials that will save you money.  Currently, we have a “Summer Sunday Arrivals” special that allows you to save $40 instantly when you book through our website.  We also have a “2 FREE Nights” special when you book for an entire week this summer.  These specials will help you save money on your next summer vacation!

Booking Earlier Helps With Room Requests

Occasionally, we get room requests from guests who want to stay on the top floor or have a particular unit they’ve enjoyed in the past.  While we can never guarantee that a certain room will be available during your stay with us, we do are absolute best to accommodate you and your family to the best of our ability.  Booking early helps us improve your vacation experience!

Booking Early Means You’re Going on Vacation

How often have you told yourself that you’re going to take a nice vacation this summer?  How often do you follow through with those plans?  Booking early locks you in to taking a vacation and helps you formulate a plan to help finance the trip.  You can book in February and spend the next four months putting a little money aside to help with the cost.  Since only your first night’s total is required as a deposit, you’ll have plenty of time to save up for your trip to Myrtle Beach!

Ready to book your next Crown Reef vacation? Then click here to book today!