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Most Popular Games in Game On!

Samantha Norton's avatar By Samantha Norton Follow me on Google+

Game Zone is one our newest amenities and one of our most fun guests have told us! Kids of all ages can have a great time playing a multitude of games in Game On! our state of the art coinless and ticketless arcade! After a rousing gaming session, take your game card to the Winner’s Circle and redeem your play points for fun prizes! We have tons of games, some classics and some newer playing concepts. Here are some of our most popular games.

ICEBall: A classic staple to any arcade or carnival, ICEBall is a competitors dream! The concept is a ramp that leads to different circular goals with different “ticket” quantities at each ring. You take a ball and toss it up the ramp attempting to make it into the ring worth the most “tickets”. This game is simple yet challenging making it a top played game.

Prize Cube: Everyone gets a huge rush when they win at Prize Cube. The game is set-up to swipe your game card for the chance to use directional arrow keys to move a claw around and attempt to drop it down at the exact right angle to win a prize! Prizes include assorted stuffed animals.

Monopoly: Everyone’s favorite childhood game comes to life in our arcade. Step up and take a trip around the Monopoly board with a twist. There are so many fun features with Boardwalk bonuses and house and hotel additions! Monopoly is the number one selling board game of all time and is sure to be hit with your family as an arcade game.

Monster Jackpot: Win every time with this fun game! You time the drop of the ball to try and get it to fall through the jackpot, mystery value or ticket win values slot. No matter what, if you hit any of those slots, the ball bounces around the game and drops into a hole awarding you tickets! You even have the chance of being awarded bonus play balls, upping your ticket winning chances! Keep trying for your chance to win a cumulative jackpot!

Typhoon Rollercoaster: One of the most popular games in Game On! isn’t a game at all! It’s a two person rollercoaster that will shake, rattle and roll you! You will sit in one of two seats and the rollercoaster comes on on a big screen in front of you and takes you on the simulated ride of your life!

Stop by our fun and family friendly arcade and see what game is your favorite! Game On!